Subscription Information

A WinGIS Subscription Membership is a method for non-profit and commercial organizations to obtain data through a custom mapping, user-friendly web interface.

Delivering services to customers via the Internet helps build the link between people and government or between organizations and the customers they serve.

A WinGIS subscription membership uses a variety of maps allowing members to access the following types of data: utilities, parcels, contour lines & spot elevations, zoning and more.

By combining the immense wealth of GIS functionality and web-based technology, WinGIS is able to help organizations meet the challenges of reducing costs, delivering services faster, providing better customer service and increasing productivity.

Engineering firms are able to reduce the time it takes for field work in preplanning of construction sites. Title and Real Estate companies can research properties and determine property values in a greatly reduced amount of time.

WinGIS is a valuable resource for land use planning and economic development. Used as a visualization tool, users are able to run multiple "what if" scenarios and options to assess the impact of neighboring properties when new development opportunities arise.

With a WinGIs Subscription you have the ability

to mark up the map in a variety of ways. Users can place text on the map, place points (using circles, diamonds or squares), drawing polylines and polygons, as well as using the polylines and polygons to measure distance and area. Additionally users are able to buffer both points and parcels. Users have available to them a number of layers(150+) to turn on/off via the 'Map Layers' list. The Map Layers list also allows users to choose which layer to use for identifying purposes. For example, depending on the layer selected, clicking on a parcel can return parcel ownership information, taxation information, the subdivision in which the parcel lies, zoning information, etc.

The greatest benefits to our organization are the ability to research properties in a greatly reduced amount of time, superior work products and cost savings. With WinGIS, we can simply go to one site and get all of the necessary information.
Matt Magdziarz-Real Property Consultants

WinGIS aids in title searches, researching land to acquire, location of water and sewer lines, finding tax codes/PIN numbers--it is used daily! We can say with confidence that within the first month to six weeks of our subscription, it paid for itself. By using WinGIS, we save on time it takes to the Recorder's office, the phone calls, emails and faxes.  We really can't imagine work without it
Nicolosi Associates, LLC.

The WinGIS website has helped Fehr-Graham & Associates streamline the process by which we gather information and produce maps for use when conducting field surveys or developing construction documents. The way in which the website is setup makes it extremely easy to use
Bob Frey, Engineering Technician.

We use WinGIS almost everyday! WinGIS makes it quick and easy to identify parcels, parcel ownership and tax information when we do not already know the exact PIN or exact address. The online mapping application provides detailed, easy-to-read, clear maps with a great variety of layer options. And the WinGIS staff is always available to help with any problem we may encounter
William Charles Investments